October - December (2017)

1.Original Article

Role of Corticosteroids in reducing Postoperative Swelling, Pain, and Trismus following Surgical Extraction of Impacted Mandibular Third Molars

Nambidiveetil Raakesh, Veeraraghavan Ravi, Puthalath Ushass, Jaeson M Painatt, V Manoj Kumar Prem Sasikumar, Anil K Subhash, Purushothaman Navya

[Pages No: 265-269]

2.Original Article

Efficacy of Warm Saline and Chlorhexidine Mouth Rinses in the Prevention of Alveolar Osteitis after Third Molar Surgery: A Comparative Study

Choubarga Naik, Subha S Dany, Anup K Satpathy

[Pages No: 270-273]

3.Original Article

Utilization of Informational Resources in Clinical Decision Making among the Private Dental Practitioners of Odisha

Subha S Dany, Choubarga Naik, Anup K Satpathy

[Pages No: 274-277]

4.Original Article

Effect of Virtual Reality Distraction on Pain Perception during Dental Treatment in Children

Anup Panda

[Pages No: 278-281]

5.Original Research

Assessment of Fracture Resistance Capacity of Various Post Systems in Endodontically Treated Teeth: In vitro Study

Dennis Mohan, Joseph Joy, Civy V Pulayath, Mathews Baby, Anoop Samuel, Vimal Remy

[Pages No: 282-285]

6.Original Research

Evaluation of the Push-out Bond Strength of Mineral Trioxide Aggregate Mixed with Silver Zeolite: An in vitro Study

Mudit Uppal, Gurleen Arora

[Pages No: 286-289]

7.Original Research

Evaluation of the Role of Salivary Transcriptome as a Diagnostic Aid in Oral Precancer (Homogeneous Leukoplakia) and Oral Cancer

Nikhil N Diwan, Digambar Sable, Mahesh Chavan, Anagha Motgi, Shrikant Murlidharan Rashmi Sapkal, Pradeep K Jha, Ashwini Pai

[Pages No: 290-293]

8.Original Research

Effectiveness of Two Different Methods used for Dry Socket Management: A Comparative Study

Rabi A Gafoor, Kiren B Thaliyath, Joyce Thomas, Sujay Gopal, Joseph Joy, Aravind Ashok

[Pages No: 294-297]

9.Original Research

Evaluation of Peri-implant Soft and Hard Tissues in Titanium Implants in Immediate and Delayed Cases: A Comparative Study

Joseph Edward, Ajith Samson, Joju George, Prakash G Dhanya

[Pages No: 298-304]

10.Original Research

Evaluation of a New and Advance Curing Light on the Shear Bond Strength of Orthodontic Brackets

Amit Bithu, Arvind Singh Bithu, Mahesh Aghera

[Pages No: 305-309]

11.Mini Review

Ethnopharmacological Reflections in Oral Health: A Review on Current Concepts

JL Jaini, PP Jeeva, Rajan S Raj, Sreeprabha G Mohan

[Pages No: 310-316]

12.Review Article

Management of Dental Anxiety among Patients

Bhumika K Badiyani, Amit Kumar

[Pages No: 317-322]

13.Review Article

Salvaging a Natural Tooth with a Complicated Crown-root Fracture using a Biological Conservative Approach

Sonam Thaore, Udita Khare, Anupama Kalgude, Surya R Srinidhi, Niranjan Desai, Nihal Devkar

[Pages No: 323-327]

14.Review Article

Spirulina: An Emerging Treatment Modality for the Management of Oral Submucous Fibrosis

Karishma M Desai, Seema Hallikerimath, Alka Kale

[Pages No: 328-331]

15.Review Article

Stem Cells

Vinod Sargaiyan, Rajveer S Yadav, Saurabh S Parihar, Makrand Sapat, Sateesh Bhatele, Archana H Lanje

[Pages No: 332-334]

16.Review Article

Digital Forensics

Vinod Sargaiyan, Makrand Sapat, Rajveer S Yadav, Sateesh Bhatele, Saurabh S Parihar, Archana H Lanje

[Pages No: 335-337]

17.Review Article

Turmeric: A Boon to Oral Health

Jitesh S Kuwatada, Mitali Raja, Poonam Sood

[Pages No: 338-341]

18.Review Article

Impact of Oral Health on Quality of Life

Reena Bagde, Rahul D Rao, Ashish K Jain, Meenakshi R Verma

[Pages No: 342-344]

19.Case Report

Cystic Variant of Calcifying Epithelial Odontogenic Tumor

Savitha A Narayanswamy, Kavita Rao, C Sunil Dutt, T Smitha

[Pages No: 345-347]

20.Case Report

Mandibular Osteolytic Lesion in Adolescents: A Dentigerous or Radicular Cyst?

Vaishali Das, Harshal Suryawanshi, Angad Shetye

[Pages No: 348-351]

21.Case Report

Pemphigus Vulgaris: Diagnosis with Oral Lesions

Poonam Singh, Sheeba Soni, Treville Pereira, Devanand Shetty

[Pages No: 352-354]