July - September (2016)

1.Original Article

Correlation of Amount of Gingival Pigmentation with Gingival Biotype and Skin Pigmentation: An Observational Study

Nimisha Nandanan, Prajakta Rao, Varsha Rathod, Aardra Patil, Rajeev Raman

[Pages No: 165-169]

2.Original Article

Comparative Analysis of the Clinical Failure in Two Nickel-Titanium File Systems – ProTaper and WaveOne™: A Fractographic Study

Choubarga Naik, Subha S Dany, Anup K Satpathy

[Pages No: 170-173]

3.Original Article

Awareness of Oral Cancer, Oral Potentially Malignant Disorders, and their Risk Factors among Dental Patients: A Cross-sectional Study

J Sangeetha, P Balaji, Poornima Govindraju, Aparna Srivastava, T Shilpa Krishnan

[Pages No: 174-178]

4.Original Article

Understanding the Psychology of Geriatric Patients seeking Conventional Dentures

R Sushma, Abhijeet Kore, Pronob K Sanyal, Shubha Joshi

[Pages No: 179-181]

5.Original Research

A Study to compare and correlate the Relationship between Computer-assisted Facial Midline and Four Different clinically assessed Facial Midlines on Dentate Subjects in Dakshina Kannada

KJ Thomas, Maria B Cyriac, Anil Subash, Prem Sasikumar, Rajesh Shetty, Mohan Kumar

[Pages No: 184-188]

6.Original Research

Oral Candidal Carriage in Diabetic and Nondiabetic Patients receiving Hemodialysis

Deepti S Hada, Sachin Thakur, Pratiksha Hada, Arati Chaudhary

[Pages No: 189-195]

7.Original Article

Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behavior of Physical Education Teachers in Bengaluru, India, regarding Sports-related Orofacial Injury and its Prevention

Manish Shekhar, Sneha Suresh, Anshuman Gautam, V Mahalaxmi, Ruchira Chakarborty, Sourabh Purbey

[Pages No: 196-200]

8.Original Research

Effect of Placement Techniques on Sealing Ability of Root Canal Sealers

Mali Sheetal, Rai S Narayan, Debjit Dhamali, Anirudh Singh, Anita Thakur, Amit Patil

[Pages No: 201-203]

9.Review Article

Peri-implantitis: A Concern for Implant Failurey

Joseph Edward, Ajith Samson, Joju George, Prakash G Dhanya

[Pages No: 204-206]

10.Review Article

An Insight into the Recent Innovations in Early Detection of Oral Cancer

Pallak Arora, Lalita Yadav, Vandana Sharma, Varun Rastogi, Geet P Kaur, Vimal Kumar

[Pages No: 207-215]

11.Case Report

Rehabilitation of Hemimaxillectomy Patient with Definite Hollow Characterized Obturator Prosthesis

Shruti Jalan, Jogeswar Barman

[Pages No: 216-219]

12.Case Report

Multidisciplinary Approach in the Management of Complicated Crown Fracture

Suhail Uddin, Sunil Muddaiah, BM Shanthala, Julia Okram

[Pages No: 220-223]

13.Case Report

Management of partially Edentulous Patient with Overdentures using Bar Attachment

Dhananjay Joshi, RD Das, Omkar Shete, Parmeet Banga

[Pages No: 224-226]

14.Case Report

Ozone Therapy: A Revolution in Dentistry

Trisha Rastogi, Sugandha Sharma, Anurupa Singh, Anies Ahmed

[Pages No: 227-230]

15.Case Report

Management of Complicated Crown Fracture and Associated Palatally Placed Impacted and Inverted Mesiodens

Pooja Sood, Anshuman Kharbanda, Aveek Gupta, Preeti Jolly

[Pages No: 332-334]

16.Case Report

Reattachment of an Incompletely Fractured Anterior Tooth by a Conservative Approach

Tanika G Garg

[Pages No: 236-239]