January - March (2018)

1.Original Article

Is Oral Bacterial Flora with Dental Disease a Risk Factor for Recurrence of Peptic Ulcer Disease? A Retrospective Study on 644 Patients

Mandar Todkar, Nagesh Bhat, Gabriela Fernandes, Ihit Jain, Hitansh Pujari, Meehika Gaikwad

[Pages No: 01-04]

2.Original Article

Comparative Evaluation of Dentinal Tubule Occlusion Ability of Three Commercially Available Desensitizing Dentifrices: An in vitro Scanning Electron Microscope Study

Kamal J Manhas, Gaurav Malhotra, Pradeep Shukla, Preeti Shukla, Varun Dahiya, Prerna Kataria

[Pages No: 05-11]

3.Original Article

Comparison of the Efficiency of Maxillomandibular Fixation Screws over Erich Arch Bars in achieving Intermaxillary Fixation in Maxillofacial Trauma: A Clinical Study

Rahul Jain, Richa Pathak, Shubham Agrawal, Kamini Dadsena, Varun Kumar, Manthru N Ramavath

[Pages No: 12-16]

4.Original Article

Efficacy of Calcium Phosphosilicate as Graft Material in Bony Defects

Doddarayapete N Umashankar, Kranthi S Kumar, R Mahesh Kumar, Narasimhamurthy Srinath, Chaithra Patil

[Pages No: 17-23]

5.Original Article

Assessment of Oral Health Knowledge, Dental Caries, and Periodontal Status among Attendants of Degree Colleges in South India

Lata Warad, Civy V Pulayath, Mathews Baby, Siraj P Ismail

[Pages No: 24-29]

6.Original Article

Prevalence of Anterior Tooth Discoloration in Southwest Coastal Population

Subhash Aswin, Mithra N Hegde, Shishir Shetty, Mahalaxmi Yelpure

[Pages No: 30-33]

7.Original Article

Association between Clinical and Subjective Analysis of Denture Adhesives on Retention of Maxillary Complete Dentures: A Comparative Study

V Chandrakala, DB Nandeeshwar

[Pages No: 34-37]

8.Original Article

Management of Intrabony Defects using Hydroxyapatite/ β-Tricalcium Phosphate Bone Substitute Alone or Combined with a Collagen Barrier: A Pilot Split-mouth Randomized Clinical Trial

Shaleen Khetarpal, Unnati Pitale, Mishthu Solanki, Madhu S Ratre, Manish Verma, Ruchi Gulati

[Pages No: 38-46]

9.Original Article

Analysis of Bacterial Colonization due to Salivary Contamination on Gypsum Casts and Effect of Various Means of Disinfection of Dental Casts on Bacterial Colonization: An in vitro Study

Sweta Pisulkar, Trupti Dahane, Ashok J Pakhan, Surekha R Godbole, Rajiv Bhola

[Pages No: 47-53]

10.Original Article

Comparative Evaluation of Sealing Ability of Biodentine and White MTA-Angelus as Furcation Repair Materials: A Dye Extraction Study

Azeez Ajas, Babu Anulekh, Sakkir Nasil, Khaleel A Thaha, Varughese J Mary

[Pages No: 54-57]

11.Original Article

Awareness and Acceptance of Dental Implants as a Treatment Modality for Replacement of Missing Teeth among Patients in Aseer Region, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Saeed M AlQahtani

[Pages No: 58-64]

12.Original Article

Assessment of Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice regarding Applications of Stem Cells in Dentistry among Dental House Surgeons, Postgraduate Students, and Teaching Faculties in Two Dental Colleges in Ernakulam, Kerala, India

Nitha Jose

[Pages No: 65-68]

13.Research Article

Evaluation of Temporization Period with Zinc Oxide Eugenol and Non-eugenol Cement on Bond Strength of Self-adhesive Dual-cure Resin Cement

Paul Pudukadan, Julie G Alapatt, Noxy G Manjuran, Jaini Lalithamma, Vidya K Shenoy, Edwin Kunnamkumarath

[Pages No: 69-76]

14.Review Article

Dental Caries Indices used for Detection, Diagnosis, and Assessment of Dental Caries

Deoyani Doifode, Alkesh Godhane, Kirti S Pattanshetti, Shreya Sanklecha, Rituraj Kesri, Chayan Jain

[Pages No: 77-81]

15.Review Article

Dental Management of Oral Complications in Oncology Patients

Pavithra K Ramanna

[Pages No: 82-85]

16.Review Article

Tobacco Consumption and Premalignant Lesions among Police Personnel in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Timsi Rajani, Aishwarya Rao, Kunal Oswal, Anita Peter

[Pages No: 86-89]

17.Review Article

Anticytokine Therapy: The Newer Horizons Revisited

Shaeesta K Bhavikatti, Nabeeh A Alqahtani, Sai N Jyothsna, Munivenkatappa LV Prabhuji, Shakil Moidin Rashmi Paramashivaiah

[Pages No: 90-98]

18.Case Report

Zirconia-based Fixed Partial Dentures in the Maxillary Anterior Region

Zeineb Riahi, Marwa Chakroun, Rania Hadhri, Adel Amor, Belhassen Harzallah, Mounir Cherif, Dalenda Hadyaoui

[Pages No: 99-102]

19.Case Report

Complex Malocclusion Simple Solution

Vijay Bagul, Sameer Parhad, Manish L Thadani, Vishal Dhanjani, Ketan Vora, Bipin Upadhay

[Pages No: 103-107]