January - March Supplementary (2018)

1.Original Research

Evaluation of Primary and Permanent tooth Enamel Surface Morphology and Microhardness after Nd: YAG Laser Irradiation and APF Gel Treatment - An In Vitro Study

Sravanthi Veeramachaneni, Tulluru Ajay Mohan, Mareddy Ajay Reddy, Suresh Chand Yaddanapalli

[Pages No: 01-06]

2.Original Research

Antimicrobial Efficacy of Different Disinfectant Materials on Alginate Impression - A Comparative Study

Anupama Ahirwar, Pavithra K Ramanna, Shabna Moyin, Sameer Punathil, V J Adarsh, Aditi Chohan

[Pages No: 07-11]

3.Original Research

In Vitro Assessment of Tensile Strength of Surgical Suture Materials

Suhas R Nayak, Ajay Kumar Haridas, Lin Jacob Varghese, M Mubasheer, Tarun Nanu, P V Nithin

[Pages No: 12-15]

4.Original Research

Assessment of Periodontal Status among Psychiatric Inmates Residing in Central Jail, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India: A Cross-Sectional Survey

Torwane Nilesh Arjun, Ashwini Dayma, Mayur Mishra, Kalit Raj Joshi, Lok Raj Khanal, Venkat Raman Singh

[Pages No: 16-22]

5.Original Research

Effects of Different Curing Lights on Microleakage in Resin- Based Composite Restorations

Deeksha Kiran Shetty, Sheetal Mali, Sarika Shetty, Neha Patil, Agraja Patil, Ankita Deshmukh

[Pages No: 23-27]

6.Original Research

Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice of Infection Control among Dental Students at Colleges of Dentistry, Al-Qassim Region in Saudi Arabia

Turki A Alharbi, Ahmed A Alharbi, Abdulaziz L Alharbi, Anshmi O Alanzi, Abdullah Turki Alharbi, Mohammed Al-harbi

[Pages No: 28-30]

7.Original Research

Oral Candidiasis in Human Immunodeficiency Virus Patients and Its Correlation with CD4 Count

Urvashi Tomar, Mamta Singh, Aditee Jhingan, Bhuvnesh Airen, Nikit Agrawal, Priyanka Airen

[Pages No: 31-35]

8.Original Research

Effect of Air Drying on Shear Bond Strength after Contamination with Saliva and Blood

Ramkishore Ratre, Sandhya Jain, G. V. Kulkarni, Madhu Singh Ratre

[Pages No: 36-40]

9.Original Research

Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice of Parents about Dental Fluorosis in their Children

Ateet Kakti

[Pages No: 41-43]

10.Original Research

Comparison of the Efficacy of Platelet-rich Fibrin with Platelet‑rich Plasma in Third Molar Extraction Socket - A Prospective Clinical Study

Sumanth Unakalkar, Kritant Bhushan, Rajnish Sahu

[Pages No: 44-49]

11.Original Research

Prevalence of Oral Mucosal Lesions and Normal Variants of the Oral Mucosa in 12 to 15-year-old School Students in Lucknow – A Cross-Sectional Survey

Arunendra Singh Chauhan, Sabyasachi Saha, L. Vamsi Krishna Reddy, Pooja M. Sinha

[Pages No: 50-53]

12.Original Research

Comparative Assessment of Different Concentrations of Sodium Hypochlorite and Calcium Hypochlorite on Microhardness of Root Canal Dentin - An In Vitro Study

Sai Anil Babu Duvvi, M S Adarsha, H L Usha, P Ashwini, Chethana S Murthy, A K Shivekshith

[Pages No: 54-58]

13.Original Research

The Knowledge and Attitude of School Teachers about Management of Dental Trauma

H. K. Ramya, Bhumika Kamal Badiyani, Amit Kumar

[Pages No: 59-62]

14.Original Article

Impact of Fluoridated Water on Intelligence Quotient Levels of School Children - A Exploratory Study

Sandhya P. Naik, Praveen Kumar Bankur, Saurabh Sathe, P. M. Mohamed Haris, Neethu Kadar, Ashok Satyanarayan

[Pages No: 63-66]

15.Original Article

Root Canal Morphology of Human Permanent Mandibular Anterior Teeth in an Indian Population using CBCT

Kiran Kurumboor, G. S. Tarun, R Vinay Chandra, V. Vasundhara, C. N. Aruna

[Pages No: 67-71]

16.Original Article

Knowledge, Attitude, and Practices of Bioethics among Postgraduate Students – An Institution-Based Study

M. Radhika, P. Srinivas, Nijampatnam P. M. Pavani

[Pages No: 72-76]

17.Review Article

Classification of Unconventional Removable Partial Denture

Pooja R. Swami, Pronob Sanyal, Shine Mary Sam

[Pages No: 77-83]

18.Review Article

Assessment of Dental Caries Using Various Caries Risk Assessment Tools

Jayesh Tiwari, Deoyani Doifode, Kirti Pattanshetti, Harshita Kothari

[Pages No: 84-88]

19.Review Article

Revascularization: A New Hope for Necrotic Permanent Teeth with Immature Apex - A Review

Ruchi Gopal, Deoyani Doifode, Pratik Surana, Shreya Lunia, Rishabh Sushil Sadhu, Sadia Aafreen

[Pages No: 89-96]

20.Case Report

Fragment Reattachment of Two Teeth in a 12-year-old Child - A Case Report

Deepak Khandelwal, Namita Kalra, Rishi Tyagi, Amit Khatri, Dhiraj Kumar, Sunil Kumar

[Pages No: 97-99]

21.Case Report

A Simplified Technique to Create and Accurately Transfer an Optimal Emergence Profile Around Anterior Implant using Dynamic Compression Technique and Customized Transfer Coping

Sumit Makkar, Shivang Aggarwal, Surbhi Mehta

[Pages No: 100-103]

22.Case Report

Esthetic Management of Diastema Closure: An Innovative Technique Utilizing Putty Index Method

Rakhi Gupta, Anjali Miglani, Amit Gandhi, Neha Kapoor

[Pages No: 104-108]